The one who is in love with photography and theater

Hello, my name is Kianoush Soltani Matin, also Known as Kia Valentino, I am an actor, director, cinematographer, writer, and photographer.

I am living on making advertising teasers and commercial photography. Along with acting roles in theater. 


I shoot in different types of photography

Theater & stage photography

Theatre photography serves as documentation and advertising for a theatre. Shooting under the often dramatic lighting designed for the production provides a number of specific photographic challenges and is unlike almost every other branch of photography.

Portrait photography

A photo becomes a portrait when the subject along with the background, lighting and emotion can evoke a sense of connection between the viewer and the portrait photograph.

Commercial photography

Commercial photography is a form of advertising photography in which businesses create high-quality images of their products or services to promote in their marketing campaigns.

Generative AI

Generative fill by adobe firefly has started a new era in photography.

My Favorites

For every artist there are some special moments

Black & White
Street shooting
Good vibes

Pleased to see you in my latest theater

The long voyage home

Based on The Glencairn Plays by Eugene O’Neill

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