Theater photography

Every photographer works in one or more areas of photography, with one of them being more important to them and becoming their specialized field. Theater photography is more important to me than other areas of photography, and I try to improve in this field and be able to earn income from it in the future.


Pardeh Khane

Directed by Golab Adineh

Play written by Bahram Beyzaei

Pish az koshtan

Directed by Arash Dadgar

Play written by Shahram Ahmadzadeh


Gymnastic tekke pare ha

Directed by Meysam Mozafari

Play adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece

Zani dar matbakh

Sharhe kashaf dar babe zendegi va marge nabehengam

Directed by Delaram Mousavi

Play written by Mohammad Charmshir



Directed by Sajad Hoseinpour

Play written by Sajad Hoseinpour


Directed by Hosein Ferdowsi

Play written by Kiavash Zaretalab


Sea angel

Directed by Mohammad Ali Shafaat

Play written by Mohammad Ali Shafaat

Kaboos haye anke nemimirad

Sharhe kashaf dar babe zendegi va marge nabehengam

Directed by Nader Fallah

Play written by Amirhosein Taheri


Lebase jadide padeshah

Directed by Ladan Nazy

Play written by Farzad Fakhrizadeh

Gorbe nare va roobah makkar

Directed by Oshan Mahmoudi

Play written by Oshan Mahmoudi